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United Lenders was created with a mission to help those facing financial hardship. If you are currently in a debt management, or settlement program this product may be the perfect boost you need. This personal loan is designed to refinance credit and/or consolidate card debt enabling a bright financial future.


We believe in transparency and communication, that’s why we care for every client equally. This personal loan product was made with you in mind. Our core values are integrity, honesty, and responsibility. We are committed to working with integrity, honesty and we hold our-selves responsible for your financial success.


We are committed to making your financial situation better, whatever that may be. Most of our clients see an immediate increase in their credit scores. The goal in many cases is to “stop the bleeding”.

The bleeding in many cases is: continuing decrease in credit score, no savings, and no real solution to a debt problem that already exists. After the bleeding has stopped, we continue to push in the right direction. Expect to see your credit score begin to increase, savings to begin to stack up, and debt to be eliminated.


We will be persistent in making sure you overcome your debt. In some cases, its easier than others but whichever it may we will stay the course. It could be difficult, but we are up for the challenge.


You can consistently count on us. Remember e created this product for you so you will have the ability to customize your loan payment to fit your income schedule. You can rely on us to help you figure out exactly what that is.

Everyone deserves the opportunity for a brighter future. If you think United Lenders can help you achieve that by alleviating your debt problems, we are happy to do so. Remember there is a way out, let us help you.

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